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Are you frustrated by the thought of not having a special love in your life?

Have you given up looking for a mate, because it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack? And, has the loneliness driven you to the point of no return? Are you ready instead to find “The One”? In the Calling in “The One” proven program, remove all your obstacles to love. 


Join certified and experienced love coach, Kim Von Berg, to completely transform your love life!

In just eight short weeks with Kim, you will learn how to attract the love of your life!

✔︎ Let go of the past 

✔︎ Transform core beliefs for healthy love to thrive

✔︎ Release disempowering patterns in romance

✔︎ Adopt new ways of being in love

✔︎ Create a life worth living

✔︎ Call in "The One"


Have you struggled with loneliness?

And, is it becoming harder to believe that there is love for you?

Are you wishing the disappointment would stop already?

Want personalized one-on-one Calling In "The One" coaching?


If so, you will want to join Kim for this life-changing program! 

She will tailor the plan just for you!


Want the support from a group of other individuals going through the same thing? Join us for our live group programs! Kim offers in-person group Calling In "The One" programs as well.

They’re eight weeks long, and we typically run them three times per year.


About the Coach

Kim Von Berg is dedicated and passionate about helping people enjoy the greatest relationships possible. She is recognized for her unparalleled approach to communication, which starts with the SELF and leads to miraculous and extraordinary relationships anywhere we find them.


Kim is a communication specialist with a Master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology. She is also a California credentialed teacher and certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In addition, she is a certified coach approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). And, she is a Calling in "The One" certified coach, having mentored and trained with the national best-selling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas.

What People Are Saying...



Candice Saunders, Redwood City, CA


When I started working with Kim, I knew immediately that I could trust her & go deep. I went through her program, Calling in "The One." It really changed my life – and, as I grew in my own self-love & knowing that I deserve my heart’s desire, Roland came into my life in the most magical way. Our relationship is more open and honest than any I ever knew was possible. We will be getting married two months from now! And, Roland & I have enlisted Kim’s help for some couples coaching to make sure we both have the greatest goals and visions for our marriage. She takes couples work way beyond what traditional MFT’s are ever trained to do – because she educates you about what a healthy thriving relationship entails AND gives you skills to accomplish this!




Susan Hutchins, Carmel, CA


I want to say I give Kim and her terrific Calling in "The One" program credit for making this (meeting the love of my life) happen. I do feel I came away from the program a different person with different attitudes. No more casual relationships, because I needed to be open to meeting the right person. I became more aware spiritually, mentally and emotionally of what I need and deserve. It also gave me the confidence that I will get what I want! So a huge Thank You to you for your guidance and wisdom, Kim.

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