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Kim Von Berg

Attract the love of your life in eight weeks!

Program details and options below.

About the Program


This eight-week Calling in “The One” Program was designed by the New York best-selling author & MFT, Katherine Woodward Thomas, to combine the amazing content in the book with deep processes to bring about a breakthrough in romantic love. Affectionately called “Calling in the One on steroids,” the program can effect the permanent transformation in a participant's emotional health and self-love.  As a result, one naturally becomes magnetic to evolved happy romantic love.  And, Kim Von Berg has been personally mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas to deliver this program masterfully.  The program is highly transformative in nature and will help you understand yourself as the source of your experience, to identify and break up old patterns that have prevented healthy love from taking root in your life and to rigorously take on the cultivation of new ways of being as well as new skills and capacities that will enhance your opportunities for finding love.  


In addition to each session being chocked full with deep processes, you will also be moving through the Calling in “The One” 49-day course outlined in the bestselling book, Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life between your sessions.


To do this, you are expected to read the Calling in “The One” book each week and actively engage the exercises and practices in the book. In our classes or coaching sessions together, we will integrate and synthesize the learning you are experiencing, optimizing your experience of causing a profound shift in your love life.

Program Options

Kim Von Berg
Kim Von Berg

Transformational Group CITO Program

This is a program of eight two hour classes, each of which powerfully move the participants forward to become magnetic to healthy thriving loving partnership. The classes are using processes that Katherine Woodward Thomas has developed to effect complete transformation when it comes to love and what we bring into our lives in relationships. The structure of each class is beautifully designed in conjunction with the Calling in “The One” book. The investment for the program is $385 if paid in full two weeks prior to the beginning date or $450 if paid any day thereafter up to the first day of class.  Kim Von Berg ensures that the group is cohesive & evolved by interviewing potential group members prior to enrollment - and reinforces basic tenets of collaboration and mutual respect in each class.  

Kim Von Berg
Kim Von Berg

Transformational Private CITO Program


Although the program is structured as an eight-session program at $1875, if requested, one can just do the initial 90-minute session at $225 - and decide then if he/she would like to commit to the remaining 7 sessions.  If so, one would need to pay the balance for the entire seven sessions up front.  All sessions after the initial one are 60 minutes in length and are to be scheduled in advance. The eight sessions are to be held within a four-month period.  

Kim Von Berg
Kim Von Berg

Ongoing Support


If there is enough interest when the Group Program is nearing the end, I offer follow-up programs to help support the participants further. Group participants and private clients may want additional support upon completion of the Calling in “The One” Coaching Program, for example, with dating, developing relationship and communication skills and further integrating the deep transformational work done in the program.  I have developed two options of programs (6-week program & an 10-week program) to help any Calling in “The One” clients who would like this. I will keep you posted about this as we move through the program.   

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Kim Von Berg


“I discovered the consciousness that I was carrying from childhood that was limiting what was possible for me in love - and then, through CITO & Kim’s expert coaching, I was able to turn this consciousness completely on its head - and change how this had been showing up in all areas of my life.  As a result, not only do I have a truly joyful healthy partnership w/ the man of my dreams now, but there’s joy in all areas of my life.” - KH

“I realized that one of the core blocks to me manifesting a long lasting love was the toxic relationships I was allowing in my life.  In subtle ways, I was giving my power away to family, friends & co-workers on a daily basis.  I realized in my work with Kim in this program that my giving my power away was keeping me from attracting in a man who could honor & respect me. All of that has changed for me now with this work - and, not only am I now drawing in a whole new caliber of men to date but all of my other relationships have completely transformed!”  - CTG

 “Kim is an amazing Calling in The One coach.  I had gone to a ton of therapists & dating coaches before I did this Calling in the One program with Kim - to no avail. I never got it that it’s all about changing my self identity and learning how to step into the new one.  I now know that I AM enough - and always have been. I am a gift to all of life.  And, I am worthy of true long-lasting love exactly as I am. And, as I stepped into living from this new identity and started to learn the things I needed to learn to do this, a whole new world has opened up for me. Best of all, I have begun a relationship with a phenomenal woman - and what we are building together is beyond what I ever could have imagined in my wildest dreams.”  - JT

“What a journey this has been!  OMG!  I did the 8 week program with Kim - and then, her 10 week integration coaching package to support me in learning relationship skills, setting boundaries & all about conscious dating.  I was so living from a place of believing that I am alone, people aren’t trustworthy (esp. men) and life does not support me.  You can imagine the kind of world I was experiencing!  My own lonely hell.  I was a hard nut to crack, but slowly, I started to get it that not only were my beliefs not true - but that I had the power to change them - and align my life & choices with the future I was committed to creating. Every single area of my life is totally different now. I actually started to have fun with dating - and now have two men who are both really interested in me - and, as different as each is, I’m in awe how wonderful they both are!” -AE

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