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Classes, Training & Webinars

Our classes and webinars are perfect for singles and couples who want to test the waters -- those who may be reluctant to dive in all at once, and you want to progress at a relaxing pace.  (You may also want to check out Kim's upcoming course, Miraculous Communication™: 3 Steps to Create Extraordinary Relationships.) 
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Kim's Q&A Video Sessions

These are short videos answering questions that my clients often ask me.  I am either responding to a question from a single or a couple that explores various aspects of attracting or creating a thriving healthy loving partnership. 

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About the Training...
Learn how to set the stage for an extraordinary romantic long lasting partnership! 

Learn the KEY communication skills for dating to save years of searching for the one!  With these skills, you can find out what is most important in a mate in the beginning to save you time, frustration and heart ache.  These skills can also enable you to establish a healthy thriving relationship from the moment you meet someone! 

You will be receiving an hour long value packed training in this product that offers skills that Kim Von Berg, long time communication specialist and relationships coach, has only offered in her intensive live communication workshops! With twenty years of teaching these skills, Kim has honed and deepened them to become tremendously effective and powerful. 

Do yourself a favor and purchase this training at only $49.95 before it goes back to its normal purchase price of $300!

Reach out if you have any questions at: 

Communication Skills for Dating
Singles webinar to attract your soulmate
Training for Singles
The Smart Way to Date to Find Your Ideal Mate:
Communication Skills for Dating

Attract Your Soulmate Courses

You will be amazed at all that will happen in each of these courses in just five weeks!  Love Coach, Kim Von Berg, stretches the limits of what is possible in romance & a loving partnership - and teaches you the key skills necessary to not only draw in your extraordinary mate but KEEP him/her!


Give yourself the gift of these deep & fulfilling love coaching courses that go beyond any "attract your soulmate" workshop or class you have ever taken!

Course Details
LEVEL 1:  Tilling the Soil
Love Coaching - tilling the soil
LEVEL 2:  Reaping the Fruit
relationship coaching - reaping the fruit

Get to the core of what is necessary to attract an extraordinary romantic spiritual partnership.


Let go of the past and heal core wounds
Get clear on what you want

Create a life worth living
Call in the one


5-Week Course  ::  Classes held weekly

  • Cultivate radical self responsibility

  • emancipate yourself from your past

  • release any hidden victimized stories to
    transform your love identity

  • learn how to become a magnet to healthy,
    long -lasting love


BOOK REQUIRED:   Calling in the One
by Katherine Woodward Thomas


The Manifest Your Soul Mate courses
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Become a PURE MAGNET to an extraordinary romantic spiritual partnership.


Let go of the past and heal core wounds
Get clear on what you want

Create a life worth living
Call in the one


5-Week Course  ::  Classes held weekly

  • Reap the fruit of all your inner healing
    in Level 1

  • Become a PURE MAGNET to an amazing mate

  • Learn vital skills for a healthy thriving relationship

  • Be the person you seek in a beloved

  • Learn deep listening & loving assertiveness

  • Live a rich & fulfilling life


Level 1 - Manifest Your Soul Mate
Recordings of Level 1 are available for a discounted fee upon registration for Level 2.  


Register for both Level 1 & Level 2 and receive $150 off!  

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Successful Woman Can Have Their Cake and Eat it Too!            
It IS Possible to Attract the Relationship of Your Dreams AND Realize Your Mission in Life!“ Kim debunks the myths one by one that dissuade women from both their living their life purpose and creating a loving thriving partnership. Not only is this possible, but it is a necessary ingredient for a truly joyful love-filled fulfilling life!  

attract your soulmate webinar
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