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Sessions can be in person or on our teleconference line or Zoom video platform.

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This is a one of a kind transformational program for newly committed couples!  
Set the Stage for Your Amazing, Evolved Spiritual Partnership   / 3-Mo Program

This program lays the foundation for an already amazing relationship to flourish, evolve and thrive into the future.

Kim Von Berg
Normally $2995, NOW: $2245
Kim Von Berg
Commit to transforming your relationship...

Over three months there are seven main sessions...



Discovering Each's Highest Vision of a Dream Partnership - 2 hrs
You come together to share your visions & discover the common areas and the differences. I facilitate you both coming to some agreements about these areas.


Values & Life Approaches - 2 hrs
Dive into ALL of your values.  We look at twenty different areas of live & see what is most important for each AND how we approach these areas in our lives



Learning & Practicing Communication Skills to Explore the Differences in Values, Past Heart Wounds & Triggers - 90 mins
You will get to benefit from my having taught powerful communication skills for over twenty years!  I will teach you some basic skills to speak your truth & deeply listen to one another – and then, I will guide you to use these in the “tough areas.”


Let's Talk About Sex! - 90 mins
It’s a well known fact that the sexual “spark” hormones that are produced in the honeymoon stage start to wane between one & two years after being together. Let’s explore this – and come up with some agreements on what to do when the immense physical attraction & libido starts to wane


Bring out Your Highest Selves to Explore What is a Spiritual Partnership - 90 mins
We use this time to explore the core of each person’s spiritual beliefs – and what they would love to have in such a partnership. What are the areas that you both agree upon & what areas need to be worked out?



Map Out the Realization of Your Vision for Your Own Selves & for the Partnership - 2 hrs
Come up with individual & partnership goals – and the steps to realize these goals. Look at the key eight areas of the TLR Relationship Wheel


Time to Take Action of the Goals & Steps - 2 hrs
How do you want to begin to put ALL of what you learned – and the goals – into practice? Are there any more agreements you’d like to make moving forward?



Sessions can be in person or on our teleconference line or Zoom video platform.


  • You will receive an extra 90 minute personalized training on communication skills                                                                                 

  • You can purchase at HALF PRICE a second Set the Stage Program or the Manifest Your Soul Mate 5-Step Formula Program

Monthly Payment Plan is available

payments:  $759/month for 3 months with a signed contract


Select Monthly Payment Plan above

What?!  Do a Couples Program when we’re so madly in love with one another? We are SO into each other, how could anything go wrong?  The passion & spark is alive & well!


Yes, I know this honeymoon stage well.   Isn’t it wonderful?  I am sure you know that when this stage wears off, that’s when the real work of building the relationship begins.  


Why not try a new way of beginning a relationship – and lay the foundation for something truly extraordinary to be able to blossom & grow?


No matter what, this program will help you to know yourself and your beloved in a much deeper way. And, you will work through the differences in a loving skillful way.  


Most importantly, you will come to agreements that could make all the difference for the years to come.


If you both really want this relationship to last & not have it be such a rude awakening when the honeymoon is over, this program is for you.


In this program we will...


  • lay the foundation for a flourishing evolved spiritual partnership to thrive

  • unfold the values, dreams & goals of each individual – and for a beautiful partnership 

  • help you make some agreements now, so that, no matter where each’s individual path & the path of the relationship lead, you both will always come from a place of love & respect of the process of growth

  • challenge you to be skillful in your communication through the differences, old hurts & triggers

  • offer an opportunity for you to elevate the relationship to a spiritual partnership 

  • And, so much more...

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Payment is due by the first of the month or one day prior to beginning services for the month. Pay by credit card or PayPal.

The minimum notice of cancellation or rescheduling is 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Cancel by phone at 831.373.8910 .


If less than 48 hours notice is given, the missed session will be deducted from the client account.  


Full refund minus any attended appointments with seven days cancellation notice. A final appointment for closure is beneficial and recommended

Longer Commitment Discounts
To encourage long-term commitment, 15 % discounts are offered for a prepayment of six and ten sessions, respectively.  Note: minimum time for a session for these discount offerings is one hour.


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