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Are You Ready to Date with Fire in Your Soul
in a Way that Inspires You?

Imagine that you could stop dreaming and longing - and instead, have a truly joyful & authentic experience of dating - drawing in the what your heart truly desires!  

Do you dread going out on another disappointing date?

Has dating become an endless grueling looking for a needle in a haystack?

Are you struggling to have a positive successful experience in dating and love? 

Is it hard to turn off the critical inner voice that has you wondering if you should just accept being alone?


If so, you're not alone. The key to creating a soulful satisfying dating experience is learning how to release the resistance and doubt that keep you from finding the LAST DATE of your life!


As someone who is probably already on a path of personal growth, Dating with Soul coaching will open up for you the possibilities of creating and evolving your love life to a whole new level - and become 100% in alignment to drawing in the love of your life!

The Dating with Soul Expert

Kim Von Berg


Dating with Soul, An 8-week Program designed to give you all of the support & guidance you need to have a more successful and authentic dating experience... and draw in the mate your

soul longs for!  

The Eight Modules of Dating with Soul

Module #1:   

Opening to Bigger Love

- What is Possible in a Joyful Dating Experience?

- Heathy needs in relationships [vs. “unhealthy needs,"  needs based upon past wounding]

- Step into Your Unique & Best Relationship with Clarity

- Learn How to Date with Intention & Vision

Module #2:

Release Your Resistance

- Dating as an Opportunity to Get What You Desire / Discover More about Yourself

- Let go of Past Romantic Attachments

- Deal with Doubt

- Make the Unconscious Blocks Conscious & Release Them!

- Become Empowered in Your Dating Experience

Module #3:

Fantasy Vs. Reality

- Pessimism vs. Rosey Colored Glasses

- Discover your Fundamental Values & Needs for Love

- Become Aware of Your Projections

- Own Your Part of the Dating Experience

Module #4:

Communication Skills for Dating

- Your Dating Parameters

- Deep Listening

- Communicating Your Needs

- Setting Boundaries

Module #5

Red Flags

- How to spot a narcissist & other toxic people

- Attachment Styles

- Identify Ways One’s Attachment Style Shows up in Dating

Module #6

Being Empowered &

Authentic in Online Dating

-Online Dating

  * The Basics

  * Safety Measure

- Discernment &  Pacing

- Detachment

- Reviews of Good  Dating Sites

- Statements of  Power

Module #7

When the Going Gets Tough

- Handle Disappointment & Setbacks

- Deepen Your Self-Love & Sense of Worthiness to Receive Love

- Fine Tune Your Vision

- Skills for Resiliency

Module #8

Intimacy & Building

Thriving Loving Relationships

- True Intimacy

- Love Your Body & Sensuality

- Core Relationship Skills

- Create Greater Support

- Solidify & Apply the

Empowered You in Your Dating Life!

How lives are changed

“When I started working with Kim, I knew immediately that I could trust her & go deep. I went through her program, Calling in "The One."  It really changed my life – and, as I grew in my own self-love & knowing that I deserve my heart’s desire.”

Thriving Loving Relationships

Candice Saunders, Redwood City, CA

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>>>Sign on for your own customized program<<<

In addition to the online courseKim Von Berg is offering a one-on-one experience of this transformational Dating with Soul program! For each of your 2-hr sessions, you will receive customized instruction on the topics outlined as well as targeted coaching.  There are handouts & materials for each module.  And, if you sign up by June 9th, 2020, Kim will deduct $200 off the investment in this unique & powerful Dating with Soul program !  

Dating does not have to be so discouraging and grueling. You can learn how to step into your empowered & authentic place to become one-pointed in drawing in what your heart and soul truly desire!!  You will receive solid and consistent support to step into a whole new experience with dating - and experience success in finding a beloved who can match you on all levels!  

If you purchase before Tuesday, June 9th, 2020, 

You will receive $200 off the price of the 8-week program! 

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