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Master Your Inner Game to Become
Magnetic to Your Evolved Soulmate! 

Singles-> Access Kim's FREE Powerful Short Guided

Meditations to Draw In an Evolved Mate.

Gain FREE access to a series of four podcasts that will prepare you to become magnetic to an amazing emotionally healthy mate! Kim briefly shares her wisdom - and then, guides you through meditations to help you become fully primed for an amazing evolved beloved to find you. 

Begin Today to Set the Stage for an Evolutionary Thriving Loving Partnership
Kim presents some key questions to help you develop a powerful vision of what an evolutionary loving partnership would be for you – and then, guides you through a meditation in which you get to experience what it would be like to LIVE IN a healthy thriving joyous ever evolving relationship. Having such a feeling experience from your heart of what you would love to bring into your life is the first step to bringing it into your life!  
Become a Pure Magnet to Your Evolved Soul Partner
Kim briefly presents some deep questions to contemplate – and then, you get to take part very powerful guided meditation to help you step into your greatest self, the one who could fully embrace a beloved capable of creating a healthy thriving loving partnership with you. When you can come from such a place, you are becoming a pure magnet to your romantic loving evolved soul partner.  
IN-TO-ME-(I)-SEE: Loving Yourself FIRST
Kim will share some pearls of wisdom & questions to reflect on – and then, lead you through a beautiful guided meditation - all to help you love ALL of who you are deeply. In so doing, you will expand your capacity to love to your fullest capacity & become a pure magnet to an evolved emotionally healthy mate.  
MINDSET Before Your Date!
Kim helps you to set the right intentions for your date – and then, experience through the meditation success & self-love on your date – no matter what happens! In addition, she gives you some wise guidance how you can stand for what your heart truly desires to experience with a loving mate.  
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