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Meet Kim

Kim Von Berg specializes in healthy romantic partnerships and her business Thriving Loving Relationships has been flourishing since 1997! As an authority in love and empowered relationships, Kim is a sought-after speaker, trainer, counselor and coach, who assists clients toward a life of fulfilling love and relationships. 
She is a Calling in “The One" certified coach, having personally mentored and trained with the bestselling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas. She is also a mentor coach for Katherine's in-depth coach certification programs. In addition, Kim has a master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology, is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), holds a California secondary teaching credential as well as a certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. She gained her notoriety twenty years ago as a Communication Specialist - the skills of which she still weaves throughout all of her coaching and counseling. 
Kim masterfully guides singles through her private Calling in “The One” program to help them break up old patterns that have kept healthy love at bay – and shows them how to step into being magnetic to happy long-lasting love. As an enticing follow-up to Calling in “The One,” Kim also offers her Dating with Soul program to do away with the drudgery of dating – and instead, turn dating into an authentic and joyful experience that is streamlined to draw in just the right mate. 
For over twenty years, Kim has been unwavering in her commitment to help singles and couples experience the greatest of love possible. She is recognized for her unparalleled approach to love and communication skills and her transformative process that results in relationships becoming the greatest catalyst for personal growth and an experience of genuine happiness. She is most known for her program 3 Steps to Create Extraordinary Relationships which is a powerful process for singles, couples - and even groups. 
On a more personal note:
Kim began her exploration into the mysteries of romantic relationships when she realized she did not know how to do them without pain and misunderstanding. She studied everything from emotional wellness, intimacy, attachment theory, multiple healing modalities and healthy relationship skills.
The programs Kim Von Berg offers feature an immense inner renovation, gently helping singles and couples to heal from within - and then, guiding them to develop the skills to be powerfully loving, respectful and supportive of the highest self of both their love partners AND their own selves. She is grateful on a daily basis to be doing her life’s calling in her cutting-edge work, leading people to give and receive love in the deepest possible way. 

Kim Von Berg Relationship expert & love coach
Kim Von Berg & relationship coach

For a LIMITED TIME Kim is offering a Free 30 minute consultation call. 

During session, Kim will mentor you to just the right path to


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