Meet Kim

Relationship expert & love coach, Kim Von Berg, is dedicated and truly passionate about transforming the lives and relationships of singles and couples!


She believes that we have been given the gift of intimate relationships to learn how to love in our deepest capacity – so that we radiate this love into all areas of our lives.  


She received a master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology, is a California credentialed teacher and certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In addition, she has logged some 600 hours of training in Communication and Relationship Building and is a certified coach approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as a Calling in "The One" certified coach. She is also the creator of the groundbreaking renowned program,  Miraculous Communication™: 3 Steps to Create Extraordinary Relationships.  


Kim has personally experienced the despair of disconnectedness and stagnancy with her significant other.  She would not accept that this is just the “casualty” of a long-time relationship.  Sparing the story of much growth and learning, improving communication skills and trying new methods with her spouse, there is a happy ending of a very happy thriving loving relationship!


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Kim Von Berg - Relationship Coash, Love Coach

Kim Von Berg

Communication Specialist
Certified Singles & Couples Coach
Keynote Speaker
Founder / Owner of Thriving Loving Relationships

"In all that I do at Thriving Loving Relationships, I have an open heart, a trained mind and a wide variety of techniques to gently direct my clients to a joyous life and fulfilling harmonious relationships - with their own selves and with others." 

Kim Von Berg

This whole journey engendered a deep calling inside Kim to help others to transform their relationships but in a shorter less painful way. She dove into study and developed communication classes and programs for couples. She has helped many couples go from feelings of helplessness and despair to joy and excitement about their marriage/partnership.  


She has honed the process to come up with the Thriving Loving Relationships 6-Step System to Relationship Transformation.


This system...


  • Relationship coaching - to incorporate the Thriving Loving Relationships communication skills

  • Love coaching - to teach important behaviors for intimacy, and 

  • transformation of attitudes.

She is on fire to get this system out to people, because she has seen it really work time and time again!  In addition, Kim’s extensive study and experience regarding what makes for a long lasting healthy relationship helped her develop services for singles who want to attract a soul mate - a healthy partner - into their lives.


Thriving Loving Relationships offers a powerful program called The Five Step Manifest Your Soul Mate Formula.  Loving relationships begin with healthy people who have done what it takes to realize their wholeness and can then magnetize to them whole, healthy happy potential mates!  

Some History

I grew up in a seemingly ‘normal,’ over-achieving, American family in which there was a great deal of competition and a void of true connection. Through a painful, lonely youth, I set about to learn the skills and connection to the heart that it takes to build loving, honoring relationships.Perhaps because of my family dynamics, I have had a deep passion most of my life to help people move beyond communication breakdowns and internal roadblocks to true connection, happiness and love.


My life partner and I began Emphasis on Communication (of which Thriving Loving Relationships is a subsidiary) in 1997. We helped individuals, couples and employees/employers improve their communication skills through seminars and private communication facilitation. Alas, my partner got cancer and passed away in 2008. What ensued was both painful and transformative – and I decided to further my studies and training.  This is when the name Thriving Loving Relationships was born! I managed to “marry” my coaching and communication experiences together to provide transformative programs and services for singles and couples.

Helping people learn how to communicate effectively provides a foundation for miracles to take place in seemingly-impossible relationship impasses.

And in this process, relationships become the greatest catalyst for personal growth and the experience of true happiness. Once a couple has acquired the communication skills to be able to hear one another and express their needs, then through my couples coaching, I can help them answer the question:  ‘What’s next?’ and build a new vision and reality for a joyous, thriving intimate relationship.


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