Creating a Vision & Intention for Love and Partnership

Happy New Year, every one!

So much is out there right now about how to set goals and bring about your dreams for the new year. I have been pondering how this pertains to the realm of romance and intimate healthy partnership. No matter if you are in a relationship or yearning for one, there is no better time than the beginning of the year to allow your imagination to completely expand into all that you truly want in a loving passionate partnership - and in a beloved you would love to partner with if you are single.

After you allow yourself this full exploration, you can then identify clear intentions for what you are ready to step into for 2017. For couples, each of you can give yourself the gift of uninterrupted time for allowing your imagination to unfold what you truly desire in your relationship - and then, you can come together to share as a couple and decide what intentions to set together.

The following flushes this out further into a step by step process:

(I) Set aside uninterrupted time to imagine & journal. This is a time that we put the critic aside, releasing any concern about what is and is not possible. We allow ourselves to be expansive and creative - and step into feeling what it would feel like to experience what it is we are imagining.

Here are a few helpful ways to step into your pure imagination around love, romance and healthy relationship:

1) Listen to some guided meditation to help you quiet your mind - and go to your heart. For example, here is one of my favorites: (meditative music)

or, here is a short guide I created for singles at a recent talk I gave: Click Here

2) Ask yourself expansive questions - and write down any thoughts that pop into your head as you ask yourself these questions.

For example:

❤️ Brainstorm key words that identify your core values and the qualities you wish to both emulate and experience in your life, such as peace, integrity, learning, freedom, gratitude, joy, play, love, impact, etc. - and choose the core four (to six max) that you know you must share w/ your beloved. Then, imagine a number of experiences the two of you would have in which these values are expressed.

❤️ Is there anything else that you long for in a beautiful loving partnership?

❤️ More specifically, what other experiences would you love to share w/ a beloved?

❤️ Who do you want to be in this partnership?

(II) Look through your notes & musings - and identify the kernels that you would like to affirm as intentions - and, if you are in a relationship, what you would like to share with your sweet heart.

(III) Rewrite the imaginings as key intentions. For example, I might write:

“I intend to live from a deep sense of self love & self respect - and draw into my life a beloved with whom we are mutually loving, respectful and supportive.”

“I intend to magnetize a beloved into my life who is loving, kind, passionate, generous and an entrepreneur.”

“We intend to put aside any sense of blame or disconnection and create an environment of deep connection - with mutual honoring, respect and love.”

“We intend to create & experience at least four thoroughly joyful weekend to week long ‘stay-cations’ or vacations in 2017.”

(IV) Plan how these intentions will be carried out - and then, put action steps on your calendar or planner!

Congratulations! You just completed the first powerful step to creating your heart's desires!

Now, it is possible that you will realize that, when you write out your intentions, that you need to get more support or learn more about how to carry these out. You may decide to hire a coach or mentor - or sign up for a class on communication skills or how to market your business to bring in more income to be able to realize your intentions.

The important thing here is that you have identified your deep longing and have seen yourself living out this longing - and crystallized these into intentions. The steps, the support, the skills will start to reveal themselves as you step into this intention.

My life’s mission is to be here for you to step into fully actualizing joyful evolved extraordinary love in your lives! Visioning and setting your intentions are the very first steps to doing just that.

I’d love to hear how it goes for you when you go through this process of visioning and setting of your intentions! Email me at any time at:


Kim Von Berg

(831) 521 - 4521

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