On Last Week's Workshop: Love is Possible No Matter What!

“I got so much out of this workshop! I am going next Thursday too and bringing a friend. Kim is a wonderful teacher and ensures that everyone is kept safe!” -Kristin Jacobson

So many of us who have spent years to heal from the past, embrace our inner child, release false beliefs and express ourselves in healthy ways still find that romance is tough. In the twenty years I have been coaching singles & couples, the arena of primary romantic relationships tends to be the last vestige that still brings up dysfunctional dynamics. We still get caught in the fear of abandonment or engulfment - and continue to experience painful patterns that may show up with a different name, a different face or a different circumstance but the same dynamics over and over again.

My workshop Love is Possible No Matter What takes on helping people to recognize these patterns & empowers them how they may begin to turn these patterns completely around - and draw in happy healthy love. Because it was so powerful for me, I’m going to write a little about my experience with presenting at the Breakthrough Center in Seaside last Sunday. I’m giving another one there this coming Thursday, March 23rd, and would like people to get a little flavor of what it was like, in case they’re interested in attending the Thurs. workshop.

Want to Find Out More?

With an equal number of men & women, there was a great variation of backgrounds and perspectives represented. Most of the men and women attending had already done either the course work of Breakthrough for Men or that of Breakfree for Women - so, we were able to take advantage of the rich work on their own selves that they have already done to then dive into the inner examinations of how we ourselves are the source of our painful patterns in romance.

We explored why that is - and what is our point of power to turn around patterns that we no longer want to experience in love. In the Calling in “The One” premises, the work of which this workshop is based upon, we recognize that life is not happening TO you, it’s happening THROUGH you. When we can see ourselves as the source of our “story” in love, we can step into the power to recreate our love experience - and even our lives.

Taking the Deep Dive...

Now, I began with being the guinea pig - and shared my “story” in love - and how the Calling in “The One” work had helped me turn all of this around. My story demonstrates how we can attach false meanings to previous painful experiences around love, particularly in childhood - and often come to believe something detrimental about our own selves. From such a false identity, a whole slew of false beliefs & ways of being can be born that wreak havoc in our intimate relationships.

My deep seated false belief that I only uncovered with the help of the powerful processes in the Calling in “The One” coaching program was that I was not only not good enough, but I was defective. Among other things, my love experiences were a merry go round of one-up-man-ship or one-down-man-ship to either prove I wasn’t defective or that I needed another “better than me” to save me. Invariably, these relationships always ended painfully. But, as I discovered what is really true about me, one by one, I was able to identify the false beliefs & ways of being that created those unwanted patterns - and turn them all around - and learn new skills that I had previously not even considered as needed.

So, we started to explore the participants painful patterns in love that we can use to sleuth out what might be the hidden false identity that we may still be unconsciously believing on some level.

The participants were amazingly willing to dive in and work in dyads to explore their patterns and their behavior that contributes to creating these patterns, including what false love identity may be generating such behavior. Once we can step into our true identity, we can then choose new ways of being and relating to demonstrate what is really true about ourselves!

And then, I guided people through a visioning exercise to really get to experience what it would be like to live from this new place - and experience an amazingly healthy joyful partnership with a beloved.

When people came out of this, they wrote down what they would have to give up and what they’d need to embrace to live in alignment with the intention of creating such a vision. We then followed this up with a release & embrace ceremony.

It was an honor & fulfilling experience for me to present this workshop to such an amazing group of people! I am giving one more of these workshops before my 8-week Calling in "The One" Program begins in April.

I hope that, if you live in central California, that you can make it to the Thursday, March 23rd, Love is Possible No Matter What workshop! (Click on title to register.)

“Kim has such an amazing enthusiasm about this work. And, you can tell that she doesn’t just teach this, she lives it! It’s so inspiring to me!”

- Lloyd Nattkemper

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