The Gems of My Twenty Years of Playing in the Field of Helping People Attract & Create Thriving

In the past few years, I have been taking the gems from my twenty plus years of intensely playing in the field of helping people attract and create thriving healthy relationships - and melding the practical communication skills I teach with deep inner work. What I have observed from my own process in love - and in working with hundreds of clients - is that most of us are programmed by our previous trauma and react unconsciously when the feelings from our past emotional pain get triggered. Nowhere does this show up more powerfully than in intimate close relationships, preventing us from reaching our fullest capacity to love and be loved.

When we can heal ourselves from our past wounding at the very core - and train ourselves to not automatically react emotionally when such wounding gets triggered, then we can finally be at choice in how much love we can experience and give. And, we do not have to be in therapy for years and years to do such healing. If we can get to the very source of our emotional pain and mentor ourselves out of the erroneous meanings we made from the past events that caused such pain, then it really does not take that much time to eradicate our skewed beliefs and thoughts and replace them with beliefs, thoughts and behavior that can embrace true love and joy.

I have seen time & time again that when we can go to the source of what may have been clouding our ability to be fully present with a beloved AND learn some powerful communication skills to keep a relationship healthy and growing, we have what it takes to then attract and create an extraordinary love in our lives. And, if we are already in a relationship, we can go from a good relationship to an extraordinary one... beginning with cleaning up our own relationship with self.

I am so very grateful to all of you who have been part of my tribe - and stayed with me for years! Thank you ALSO to those of you who are just beginning to follow me and glean from the rich content I have been putting out into the world.

Check out my services for couples at: - and, for singles at: And! You may enjoy my free podcast at: which provides not to be missed cutting edge information & guidance to singles and couples.

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