What Makes for an Extraordinary Romantic Relationship?

I would say that - first and foremost, such a relationship is a HEALTHY one. That means that there is respect, honor and trust, great communication and deep listening, safety to express one’s feelings, thoughts and needs - and a willingness from both to be curious about the differences and discover how these can enrich and deepen the connection.

Now, how we can live from a place of being able to respect, honor and trust ourselves and a romantic partner - and have access to any advanced relationship skills we may have learned - is for us to come from our Aware Self, that is our adult self or what some psychologists call our “real self.” The more we can LIVE from our adult Aware Self - our true empowered wise and worthy self - the more we can choose to create conscious loving dynamic relationships.

It is important to not confuse our Aware Self with the inner critic or our wounded child! Here is a great article by Dr. Lisa Firestone, PhD, to help you know the difference between our “real self” - or Aware Self - and your inner critic: https://buff.ly/2E5sYvl And, she talks about how we can “tame” our inner critic to allow our Aware Self to be in charge. More than anything, trust your gut. If you feel badly, more than likely that is your inner critic or your wounded child. (I will say more about helping your wounded child heal in a later blog article.)

When two people can learn to live and relate mostly from their Aware Selves, they can lay a healthy foundation for the relationship - and, it then becomes possible for an extraordinary relationship to emerge. An extraordinary relationship is one in which each is committed to living from their greatest self - and seeing and supporting the greatest self of the other. When we live in this way, we discover one or more purposes for our lives - as well as (a) powerful purpose(s) for the relationship - and we begin to fulfill these purposes in an exciting way. Such a partnership - and life - is truly fulfilling and awe-inspiring.

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