How to Have a Breakthrough in Love!

Do disappointing patterns keep showing up repeatedly in your love relationships?

Do you attract the same kind of guy/gal over & over again?

Are you sick & tired of your dating prospects?

Are you ready to throw in the towel on love altogether?

I have good news for you: all that you have been experiencing does not have to repeat itself any more! There is a completely different way to approach all of this! And this does not involve losing those ten pounds, getting a face lift or moving to the city for a larger dating pool.

It’s really about going to the source: what’s going on inside of you! In the Calling in “The One” program, you will tap into your capacity to turn around any disappointing patterns in love by, first of all, discovering the unconscious barriers that can wreak havoc on your love life and who you draw in as a potential mate. And then, through some powerful processes, you will release your internal blocks to drawing in a healthy loving mate who is capable of creating a beautiful partnership with you. Lastly, you will be guided to step into a new way of being to make you magnetic to what you truly desire in a mate and in a happy healthy partnership.

In the twenty years I have been coaching singles and couples, I have not come across anything as powerful and deep as what I learned in my four years of mentoring with Katherine Woodward Thomas, best-selling author of Calling in “The One." Stepping into living from the Calling in "The One" principles works miracles in people’s lives and in their capacity to draw in the love of their lives - and prepares them emotionally to create a long lasting happy healthy partnership with this beloved.

Let me explain a few of the underlying principles of Calling in "The One." It is a metaphysical fact that we magnetize to us experiences that mirror back to us who we believe ourselves to be - but alas, we often are not even conscious of these beliefs. This transformative work takes you to the root of what may have been running your “story” - and gives you the means to change this to the core.

When we can recognize ourselves as the source of what we are experiencing - and, most importantly, that we have the power to turn this around, that is the turning point to your being able to attract and create the greatest love and life possible.

It is a thrill for me to offer an 8-week Calling in “The One” one-on-one program - and, once a year, a group program. These programs provide transformative content & processes to support you to step into all that you are meant to be in this life time and draw in a mate who can match you on all levels. (More information below.)

A love partnership is our greatest opportunity to grow our capacity to love and be loved - and every single person deserves this opportunity!


If You Want to Take This Work Further…

Kim is presently offering the Calling in "The One" program privately. (More details HERE.) She wants to make sure you make the right decision, so she would like to give you a free 30 minute consultation which you can sign up for on THIS page.

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