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Singles webinar to attract your soulmate

Training for Singles
The Smart Way to Date to Find Your Ideal Mate:
Communication Skills for Dating

About the Training... 

Learn how to set the stage in dating for an extraordinary romantic long lasting partnership!

Learn the KEY communication skills for dating to save years of searching for the one!  With these skills, you can discover what is most important about your date right in the beginning to save you time, frustration and heartache.  These skills can also enable you to establish a healthy thriving relationship from the moment you meet someone! 


You will be receiving an hour long value-packed training in this product that offers skills that Kim Von Berg, long time communication specialist and relationships expert, has only offered in her intensive live communication workshops!  With twenty years of teaching these skills, Kim has honed and deepened them to become tremendously effective and powerful. 

Reach out if you have any questions at: 

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