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Thriving Loving Relationships
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Singles Program
Manifest Your Soul Mate Coaching Sessions

60-minute sessions to help you transform any interior blocks to love & take the necessary action to attract your soul mate

In this coaching we will...

Go for quality laser focused love coaching to manifest the highest caliber of a mate who matches your greatest self!  Work one-on-one with love coach Kim Von Berg, acclaimed singles & couples relationship coach, and get to the core of what may have prevented you from doing so in the past


Kim uses a wide range of skills in her coaching, including neuro-linguistic programming, effective communication skills and a wide variety of skills from her relationship coaching training.  She is passionate about helping singles and couples to transform their lives and relationships by moving beyond old patterns and limiting beliefs, learning new communication and life skills – and becoming empowered to make their dreams a reality.

singles program to attract your soul mate
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