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What is an extraordinary partnership & how to create one!



Is it possible to attract the relationship of your dreams AND achieve your mission in life!

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Kim Von Berg on the Singles Internet Talk Radio/TV show with Cece Shatz

How to Stop the Painful Patterns in Love:

Open up to Attracting a Mate Who Matches You on All Levels

If you have had a painful breakup or divorce - and are wanting support in getting yourself out there to date again, this interview is for you!  This show will be your first step to reaching for what you truly desire.

Kim Von Berg, Relationship Expert & Love Coach, shares her wisdom & expertise on helping singles stand for healthy thriving love - and be able to attract potential mates capable of creating a joyful thriving partnership.  And, towards the end of the interview, she explores how to begin a relationship on solid ground and create something truly beautiful & long lasting.  

Meet Kim, a relationship expert & love coach, in this interview! Kim Von Berg is dedicated and truly passionate about transforming the lives and relationships of singles and couples! She believes that we have been given the gift of intimate relationships to learn how to love in our deepest capacity – so that we radiate this love into all areas of our lives.  She is also the creator of the groundbreaking renowned program, 3 Steps to Create Extraordinary Relationships.  


Kim Von Berg, joins Sex, Love &  SuperPowers host, Tatiana Berindei, to discuss how to handle emotional triggers in a relationship.

Check out the exclusive interview of Kim Von Berg during the Make Love Not War Telesummit in 2018.


Interview with Zaheen Nanji on 3.2.17


A Thriving relationship begins with each person loving and esteeming his/her OWN self. From here, it’s possible to love each other and build a beautiful relationship - and lay the foundation for such a relationship.

What is such a foundation? It really comes from a basic understanding that an evolved thriving partnership comes from making an equal commitment to BOTH the individual AND the relationship.

In this episode, Love Coach Kim Von Berg:


  1. Explains what made her passionate about becoming a love coach.

  2. Teaches what exactly IS a thriving loving relationship - and, if we’re in a relationship, what can we do to move our relationship in that direction.

  3. Gives amazing tips on how to communicate with your spouse.


It's important to understand the foundation first before you dive into the tips that she has provided. 


Learn how to step into a whole new level of romantic partnership!

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(Aired May 12th 2018)
Kim Von Berg being interviewed by Martin Ucik, integral philosophy expert & author of two books about integral relationships. Kim will share her wisdom about communication and her core steps to help couples create an extraordinary relationship. With Martin Ucik’s deep understanding of integral theory and Kim’s extensive hands-on experience in working with couples, this will be a lively discussion to uncover the mysteries of what it takes to create an extraordinary relationship.