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  • Identify patterns that keep love at bay
  • Define what you want in a thriving partnership
  • Overcome hidden blocks to love
  • Map out steps to magnetize your soul mate
  • Pinpoint what is really going on in your relationship 
  • Create a clear vision what you both want
  • Identify hidden challenges
  • Identify specific solutions to those challenges
  • Create a roadmap to your perfect relationship
only $80!  regularly $200
only $120!  regularly $300
Our Goals & Who We Help

Thriving Loving Relationships is dedicated to transforming the lives and hearts of singles and couples, ultimately for them to experience evolutionary thriving loving partnerships.

Kim has a high success rate in helping singles to attract an evolved romantic partner into their lives - and be able to develop a healthy loving partnership that is long lasting.  And, couples rave about her ability to completely transform their relationship from one that is barely surviving to one that is thriving!  


Experience the powerfully transformational nature of one of Kim's Breakthrough sessions!  Select one of the buttons above for either the Manifest Your Soulmate session or the Transform Your Relationship session!


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 Request one of our free gifts and get a taste of what is a thriving loving relationship.  Find out how you can have the amazing partnership you've been dreaming of.


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Kim Von Berg
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