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Sarah Howard, Schererville, ID


Thank you for your grace, tenderness and kind elegance during our coaching sessions.  You pair truth with kindness and empathy that is unlike anything that I have seen or experienced.  Your nurturing care and astuteness of observation helped to name the subtlety of belief that had been hidden and unconscious and was controlling me to stay isolated and protected.  

And I love the skills you teach. They have taken me to a whole new level of consciousness. I didn’t know how to honor myself and someone else at the same time - and you have taught me how. I am so jazzed by this new knowledge - and very grateful to you. 


You have a beautiful gift that the world needs to see.  I have worked with only two coaches (I have been in this field only a short period of time) who had over 40 years of experience between them and the soft, sweetness and piercing honesty was not there. 


I had made up my mind that I would not hire another coach again.  But, my beautiful God, who guides me, prompted me to contact you.  He/She/It always steers me in the right direction when I listen.



Linda Geiger, Billings, MT


Thank you for all our work together, Kim, and all that you provided me in the CITO Program! You are truly the head of the pack in coaching experts. Such amazing and powerful work!


Miyo Sui, Singapore


Thank you Kim  I decided to manifest my family.  Finally I am ready & feeling so grateful for the program I did with you!

testimonials about relationship coach kim von berg
testimonials on relationship coaching
testimonials about relationship coach kim von berg



Candice Saunders, Redwood City, CA


When I started working with Kim, I knew immediately that I could trust her & go deep. I went through her program, Calling in "The One."  It really changed my life – and, as I grew in my own self-love & knowing that I deserve my heart’s desire, Roland came into my life in the most magical way. Our relationship is more open and honest than any I ever knew was possible. We will be getting married two months from now! And, Roland & I have enlisted Kim’s help for some couples coaching to make sure we both have the greatest goals and visions for our marriage. She takes couples work way beyond what traditional MFT’s are ever trained to do – because she educates you about what a healthy thriving relationship entails AND gives you skills to accomplish this!



K & L Weider, Pebble Beach, CA


Where to begin with how Kim helped us with her Thriving Loving Relationships couples program? First of all, we couldn’t have even thought about couples coaching without her training us in the communication skills to actually hear one another & care. As we learned and followed her six step relationship transformation system, our love reignited. We really wanted to dive deep into a new way of being together – and Kim’s personalized couples coaching went way beyond the marital counseling we had had in the past. She had us look at the seven areas of intimacy – and create a vision and goals for each area. When we look back at how we were before working with Kim as compared to now, it’s night and day. We barely spoke to one another, and when we did, we rarely could see eye-to-eye. Now we look forward to spending quality time together – and know that we are in this “until death do us part” – and beyond.

Chris & Mindy Mates, Evanston, IL


Kim changed our marriage by giving us a safe space to communicate. I never thought that Chris and I would ever be at this point. It’s amazing to see how you can get used to dysfunction and not pay attention to it. I knew we weren’t connecting, but I never realized how deeply it ran and how hurt we both were. Kim’s expertise in coaching couples and skillful communication in addition to her special presence, has given us a space to open and share feelings we have not explored in over two decades of marriage. Since beginning couples coaching, my husband and I have established a closeness which comes from our connection when we communicate our feelings and thoughts by learning to truly listen to each other. The class and each session are both powerful. We both thank Kim from the bottom of our hearts for sharing her valuable gifts and natural talent to work a miracle in our marriage.

testimonials about relationship coach kim von berg

Susan Hutchins, Carmel, CA


I want to say I give Kim and her terrific Calling in "The One" course credit for making this (meeting the love of my life) happen! I do feel I came away from the course a different person with different attitudes. No more casual relationships, because I needed to be open to meeting the right person. I became more aware spiritually, mentally and emotionally of what I need and deserve. It also gave me the confidence that I will get what I want! So a huge Thank You to you for your guidance and wisdom, Kim..

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Fabian Casteneda, Ottumwa, IA


The I am completely blown away by Kim’s Calling in "The One" Program! She has helped me connect to my inner self to find out what makes my heart sing – both individually and in a relationship.  In addition to the powerful Calling in "The One" Program, Kim offered me some integrative sessions - and brought in her rich NLP & communication expertise as well.  All of this has helped me to turn around my previous low self value to knowing I am worthy & deserve my own self respect & love. And, I have released the past painful experiences with dysfunctional and painful relationships! I realized I had really mean judgmental tapes that were playing like a broken record in my head.

I now know I deserve a joyful life that includes an incredible relationship with a soul mate. And I have some clarity about what a healthy thriving long lasting relationship would look like for me! She is coaching me now to skillfully express myself with confidence in the dating world. I have made so many positive changes in me & my life since I began this program two months ago! I can’t imagine having become the person I am today without Kim’s wisdom, guidance, communication expertise and coaching! I now love & appreciate myself – and am excited about the process to magnetize to me my healthy soul mate & life partner.



Greg and Colette Nelson-Dinn, Monterey, CA


The Thriving Loving Relationships 6-Step System and Kim’s amazing abilities and skills that she taught us worked a miracle in our relationship!   I started out getting some individual coaching – and I was thrilled to see my husband seem to change his whole attitude as I changed.  We signed up for Kim’s six-month program and worked through those six steps, learned powerful skills through the Thriving Loving Relationships communication class – and our relationship and lives have completely changed. Today, we are so grateful and cherish the time we have together. No longer do little things bother us as we have learned how to work out our differences using the steps we learned through this wonderful program!   We are both so grateful to Kim and her Thriving Loving Relationships program.




testimonials on relationship coaching

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testimonials about relationship coach kim von berg