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If you are single or a couple you realize communication can be challenging!  


Extraordinary relationships require two extraordinary individuals who agree to connect at the highest level to help each other be their best selves.  And, they take the time to explore every aspect of the life they want to create together - and come to agreements in all areas to create a crystal clear vision for the life they want to build together. 


       Unconditional Positive Regard for Ourselves & “the Other”



       Learn the Key Skills to be able to Deeply Connect and Set Boundaries in a Way that Deepens the Relationship



       Come from Each Other’s Greatest Selves to Create a Crystal Clear Vision for the Life You Wish to Build Together



Kim Von Berg has years of experience helping singles & couples improve their capacities to deepen connection through communication skills.  And, you can still get a lot out of this two-hour workshop, even if you have not attended her initial training.

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July  13th, 2017 
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