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Kim Von Berg

WORKSHOP: The 3 Keys to Transform Your Most Challenging Moments in Your Relationship


FREE Access to Kim's Most Recent Workshop 

(Focuses on romantic relationships)


(Valued at $299.50)


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3 Keys Workshop by Kim Von Berg

Have you ever been in an important conversation and all of a sudden you find yourself


  • Reacting without thought

  • Frustrated or angry

  • Silent and not listening

  • Saying things you don’t really mean 

  • At a loss of what to say and do 



This means you have been TRIGGERED...

And, if you are like most people, it does

not feel good and you wish it would 

never happen again.


And yet... most of us know it does...


What if you could change that for good?


NOW is your chance! 
Join Kim Von Berg, the Miraculous Communication™ Mentor, and discover the 3 Keys that will transform any communication you have with romantic partners and really, any loved ones!

Love Coach Kim Von Berg

Kim will be offering a live 3-hour workshop in Monterey, CA, for singles during the love month! “Love is Possible No Matter What” is a powerful workshop for any single ready to have a breakthrough in love.


This will be followed by her              8-week Calling in “The One” Group Program 


Kim is also offering a limited time discount on her private one-on-one 8-week Calling in “The One” Program  in which you can conveniently plan your sessions to match your schedule. Just go HERE & look for the offer in the left hand column! 

For Singles: 


Request a FREE CONSULTATION with Kim

Limited Time Offer (Valued at $149.95)

Kim Von Berg
Communication expert Kim Von Berg

Create an Extraordinary Relationship in ANY kind of personal relationship!  

 3 Steps to Create Extraordinary Relationships       

Upcoming Course...Learn more

Communication expert

For Singles: Special Ends 9.30.18


"Save Years Searching for

The One!"


Learn the KEY communication skills for dating to save years of searching for the one!  With these skills, you can find out what is most important in a mate in the beginning to save you time, frustration and heart ache.  These skills can also enable you to establish a healthy thriving relationship from the moment you meet someone! 

Only $49.95 (Regularly Priced at $300.00)


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