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Wednesday, March 1st at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST

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To a Free Workshop: 

Set the Stage to Find Your Ideal Mate!

Join Kim Von Berg, certified Calling in "The One" Coach and relationship counselor, for a free workshop exploring the depths of what it takes to attract and create an extraordinary Love Relationship. Through guided visualization and self-discovery processes, Kim will provide you with the tools you need to attract the right kind of potential mate who has the capacity to join with you to create truly extraordinary love!  Let Kim share her passion as she guides you through this enlightening journey toward finding “The One." Learn how to open your heart to the infinite possibilities of love and partnership!


Presented by Kim Von Berg
Relationship Expert & Love Coach

Kim Von Berg specializes in healthy romantic partnerships and her business Thriving Loving Relationships has been flourishing since 1997!  She is also a mentor coach for Katherine Woodward Thomas in her Calling in "The One" coach certification programs.  As an authority in love and empowered relationships, Kim is a sought-after speaker, trainer, counselor and coach, who assists clients toward a life of fulfilling love and relationships.

In this training we will discuss


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Candice Saunders, Redwood City, CA


When I started working with Kim, I knew immediately that I could trust her & go deep. I went through her program, Calling in "The One."  It really changed my life – and, as I grew in my own self-love & knowing that I deserve my heart’s desire, Roland came into my life in the most magical way. Our relationship is more open and honest than any I ever knew was possible. We will be getting married two months from now! And, Roland & I have enlisted Kim’s help for some couples coaching to make sure we both have the greatest goals and visions for our marriage. She takes couples work way beyond what traditional MFT’s are ever trained to do – because she educates you about what a healthy thriving relationship entails AND gives you skills to accomplish this!

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